Cornavin - Eaux-Vives - Annemasse (CEVA) railway link

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The railway link between Geneva and Annemasse, two cities that belong to a same Swiss-French urban area, has a history that dates back to when railway first came to Geneva. More specifically, a few years later, a single track was opened between Annemasse and the Geneva "Eaux-Vives" station, on the south bank (left bank) of lake Geneva. This showed the need, at that time already, to link the two cities. What remained to be done was to link Geneva-Eaux-Vives to Geneva-Cornavin central station, which consequently led to a convention to be signed in... 1912, a convention that was however forgotten until ALP-Rail came to remind the politics of its existence.

More history related to CEVA

Whereas the need for CEVA gets increasingly urgent in a cross-border urban area that gets more congested every day, and in spite of such encouraging events as the official start of CEVA railroad works at Geneva-Cornavin station in September 2005, some fierce resistance still remains and the fight is far from being won for ALP-Rail.


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